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Southworth Design Co. is a BRANDING & WEB design studio that specializes in elevated transformations — DESIGN THAT BRINGs CLIENTS’ DREAMS TO LIFE.

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For 7 years I was the Creative Director for the international jewelry line Suz Somersall. In that time I cultivated a remarkable brand identity through logo, imagery, language, website, magazine ads, stationery, emails, postcards, catalogs, storefront, packaging, signage.... you name it! Every inch of the store, the site, every scrap of paper we mailed out, handed out or wrote on was unmistakably Suz Somersall. --- Now I'm using my expertise and experience as a creative director and brand manager to transform small and local businesses, just like yours!   


Every business starts with a dream, a vision, hope of a new life -- we help small and local businesses craft the business identity of their dreams. 

I LOVE getting to know a person for the very first time. There's so much to learn, so many interesting stories and moments of their life that have made them into the exact person they are today.  It’s the same with a business. Every business has had its ups and downs, their own story and meaning and their own personality. My job and (if I may be so bold,) my gift is getting to know a business owner and really "see" their business: its personality, its design and marketing needs, its target audience. Business owners light up when they talk about their business, it’s their baby! It’s my job to take that “light” and create something tangible, defining and unique, and most importantly, to provide you with design collateral and tools you need to start marketing your business to help secure those new clients and sales. 

Let me create a brand that is perfect just for you, that you are proud of, that you will be excited to share with the world and take your business to the next level. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Let me take this off your plate so you can get back to doing what YOU do best… running YOUR business!

hey there!

I'm Malena Southworth,
Southworth Design Co.

I'm a Texas transplant by way of Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, California and Japan. (Yep, military life!) Through my many (many) travels, a few things have remained stable; my crazy love for my God and my family, my sometimes absurd optimism and my addiction to great design... and mandarin oranges. I am an over-user of exclamation marks, I toast my triumphs (even the tiny ones) with champagne on Thursdays and nothing smells more heavenly to me than soap.

After years in the high-paced fashion industry, I've decided to slow things way down! I live out in the country with my wonderful pilot (read: often away) husband and our 3 amazing, relentless, adorable kiddos. Life is busy, but so so good! When I'm not shuttling kids to school and sports, I'm mostly likely found on my back porch or in my office with a cup of tea and a whole lot of ideas! 

I'm so excited to meet you and get started on creating something incredible! Drop me a line anytime: malena@southworthdesign.co


"AMAZING! Everything is more than I had hoped for! Branding, web design, business cards, postcards, catalogs, packaging... Malena took my vision and transformed it into something even better! "

-suz somersall


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