Welcome to our branding process! I'm so excited to go on this journey with you! Branding is more than just your logo-- it's your company's personality, it's your "why", the feeling your clients get when they work with you or scroll through your website.



We begin by sitting down together and having a design strategy consultation in which we would discuss potential names (if needed), and brand personality, complete with discussion of color, design aesthetics and overall purpose and feel of the brand.



This homework is for you! Don’t worry! It's really fun and this is where we dig deep and identify your ideal client and how we'll speak to them to ensure you are attracting the right clients. I'll send detailed instructions, so take your time and enjoy! You are investing in your own business!


After the Design Strategy Consultation the real work begins. To make sure we are on the same page visually, I will provide you with a Brand Inspiration Board. This will give you the overall feel of your brand. If you love what you see, I will move on to Custom Logo Design! If not, we’ll discuss what you love and what you don’t and I will make adjustments until you are thrilled!

At this stage we begin to develop your color palette and overall style. Your inspiration board will be the foundation of your color palette. *This particular client came to us with  the olive/mustard color as a must-have, so we worked with and around this focus. 



Based on our consultation and the agreed upon Brand Inspiration Board, I will develop a Custom Logo just for your brand. It should work seamlessly with your inspiration board and convey the personality of your brand. While I will be designing many logos for you, I prefer to present you with just one. From my experience, too many choices leads to paralysis and second guessing. I like to take that obstacle out of the equation by offering you what I believe to be the best option for your brand. If you are not thrilled, we have 2 rounds of revisions included so we can make sure you are pleased! This is your logo, you have to live with it so you should love it!


Your Brand Board is a 1 page overall view of your Brand Identity. It will include: 
- Custom Logo
- Secondary Icon or Brand Mark
- Color Palette
- Typography Palette
- Textures and/or Patterns
- Inspiration images 

Again, all elements should blend together seamlessly; inspiration, color palette, logo and brand board.